I, Henrik Jeppesen, was in 2019 hit by severe daily headaches and jaw pain. I visited over 40 specialists over the next three years. No one in the medical community could determine why I was ill. I gradually got worse, and I developed new terrible symptoms. Out of desperation, I created LivetTilbage.dk and wrote several Facebook posts. Someone mentioned that she had read my website and asked if anyone had thought of borrelia (Lyme disease).

I was tested and was admitted to Odense University Hospital, where I received two diagnoses. Borrelia and Borrelia arthritis (Borrelia arthritis). According to a Danish doctor, I also have Lyme disease in the brain and in the synovial fluid. Chronic Lyme disease is difficult to treat, but I soon plan to go abroad because the antibiotic treatment I have received in Denmark hasn't improved my condition. I am desperate to improve my health as I have been in pain and discomfort every day for more than three years.


From most awful to least awful:

1. Jaw pain
Approximately 80 percent on the left, 20 percent on the right. Often very intense, and it fluctuates a lot how the pain feels. Often facial pain at the same time. A heating pad usually helps temporarily.

2. Headache
Often very intense headache where the pain is felt differently. Most often most of the pain is in the left part of the head.

3. Vision / brain problem
Probably this problem. "This is not a defect in the eye itself. The problem is rather that the brain has trouble processing the signals the eyes send to it. It is a neurological impairment."

4. Essential tremor (shaking)
This is a problem in several places in the body, but it comes and goes. However, very often in the legs and feet when I lie down. Worst when it's in my head. Link to Sundhed.dk.

5. Low back pain
Came after spinal cord test (lumbar puncture). I do not know if that is the current cause.

6. Borrelia arthritis and cracking sounds in kneecaps
Cannot walk normally.

7. Cracking sounds in different parts of the body
From time to time. It is not pleasant, but not a big problem compared to the other symptoms.

8. Fatigue
Assessed by neuropsychologist based on tests.


Treatment with antibiotics in Denmark has not improved. Continued violent daily symptoms despite the antibiotic regimen for a month, supplements, exercise, exercises, meditation, sauna, extremely healthy diet and good sleep. Trying to make a big effort every day but at the moment no reward. Researching treatment options.

   MY PLAN  

1. Help in Denmark
Get as much help as I can in Denmark in the form of tests, tests, pain clinic (including LDN), and other help. Work is based on evidence-based treatment and when there is nothing that will certainly work against borrelia, if the infection is beaten down according to them, I can not get more treatment than the month with antibiotics they gave me, but which has not improved my life. It is a global problem with a lack of treatment for chronically ill people with Lyme disease, and I would say that infection medicine in Odense has treated me with respect and I understand that they just follow guidelines. I wish I could receive experimental treatment that has helped many, but at the moment. it is not an option through the public sector in Denmark, unfortunately. They will follow me for at least a year in Odense.

2. Self-help

Healthy diet (Paleo diet), good sleep, exercise, exercises, sauna, meditation, supplements, herbs, CBD oil, LDN medication, and try to avoid overload and stress. Can be hard with so much pain and discomfort, but I try.

3. Try experimental treatment abroad
There are some that can be tried, but the prices are high and I have limited funds. Self-help may reduce symptoms over time, but the plan is additional treatments in addition to self-help.

1. DA692D Borrelia polyradiculitis.
2. DM012 Arthritis in borrelia disease.
Barbesia co-infection (ArminLabs test, but tested negative in Denmark)
4. Bartonella co-infection (ArminLabs test, but tested negative in Denmark)
5. Mycoplasma (ArminLabs test)
6. Yersinia (ArminLabs test)
Diagnoses from dentists can be seen below.
 Fra Sundhed.dk
From Sundhed.dk
"We have detected chronic borrelia infection with a symptom duration of almost 3 years. There are signs of completely clear borrelia arthritis in the right knee joint, which is currently both positive in the intrasynovialis test for borrelia, but also clearly positive in borrelia PCR from the synovial fluid. Subsequently, he has had a lumbar puncture, which shows a slight pleocytosis of 9 cells and at the same time a CXCL13 of over 500, which indicates that the infection has also affected the central nervous system. and borrelia PCR from the spinal fluid.

Studies will be done regarding genotyping from the already positive findings. days of antibiotic treatment. Explains the rationale for switching to Doxycycline treatment at this time. Agree with this. " Sigurdur Skarphedinsson, Chief Physician, OUH Infectious Diseases Amb. (Odense).

Other diagnoses. These from bite function specialist, Morten Worsøe:
Anterior disc displacement affecting the retrodiscal tissue.
2. Cehpalgia arthrohenica.
3. Dolores facialis myogenica.
It is uncertain whether these diagnoses are due to Lyme disease. Bite splint treatment has not helped the symptoms.

This one from dentist, Per Stylvig
Osteoarthritis of the jaw joints. Note: Very questionable diagnosis. Several dentists subsequently disagreed with this diagnosis / assessment. Scanning did not show signs of osteoarthritis according to expert, Hanne Hintze.    


ArminLabs, German lab: Positive on borrelia, babesia, bartonella, mycoplasma and yersinia.

Gabinet analityki Medycznej, Polish laboratorium: Tested for babesia and bartonella, both positive but negative in Denmark - English translation

Various Danish tests: Positive on borrelia and borrelia artritis, negative on babesia and bartonella.


2014: Very ill in the Andaman Islands
I ate a fish curry in the Andaman Islands and became very ill. My body was very weak and I had some of the worst days of my life. Arrived at hospital in Chennai, India and was able to travel home after a few days but had problems with the body, including some form of breathing problems, for several months after. Should have nothing to do with Lyme disease, but belong to the medical history.

2015: Bitten by a millipede in Fiji
I was bitten by a millipede in Fiji back in 2015, but am told that it is not necessary to see a doctor. After thorough research, it does not suggest this bite may have caused borrelia, but mentions it as part of the medical history.

2018: Very sick in Asia and Hawaii
I got very sick in the Maldives, in Malaysia and in Hawaii. The worst was at an airport in Malaysia where my body gradually got worse and worse until I got in a wheelchair. I got an injection from an airport doctor and got into a bed. I experienced improvement the next day and chose to travel on. It was probably caused by a food poisoning. A few weeks later there were again violent symptoms where my body was very weak in Hawaii. Hard to explain, other than a probable food poisoning, or could it be an infection in outbreak?

2019: The terrible jaw pain and headaches started
I started to feel a little discomfort in the ear at the beginning of the year, but only after some stressful situations did the jaws and head start to hurt insanely. Among other things, I started on the medicine tramadol. I visited many specialists, including several dentists specializing in bite function. The dentist Per Stylvig said I had osteoarthritis in my jaw joints, but several dentists disagreed.

I went to a number of other experts such as. osteopaths and acupuncturists, but nothing helped. I had a bite splint made at the end of the year by the bite function's expert, Karin Fejerskov with approx. 50 years of experience, and was advised to relax. I did that for a long time, but it was no solution.

2020: Covid came - continued bite splint treatment
I sought out new specialists, i.a. a Brazilian expert who thought I should have a different type of bite splint. Corona came and I chose to continue with the bite splint from Karin Fejerskov, but during the period also sought out other alternative therapists, but everything was without effect. 

2021: The Covid Vaccine: Good or Bad Decision?
I took the covid vaccine and a number of new symptoms came shortly after. In addition to jaw pain and headaches, there was now also Essential tremor (shaking) and general weakness in the body. A marked deterioration of an already very hard life. Before this I had an MRI scan. A Brazilian expert believed that a high bite splint had to be made due to bones being too close to each other according to the MRI scan. It was made but did not improve. Maybe it was a good decision to take the vaccine as the new symptoms might have gotten me in the right direction about what is wrong. As far as I can understand it was an impact on my immune system that made the new symptoms come out.

2022: Total Desperation - Creating this website
From the beginning of the year I got gradually worse and worse and go into total desperation due to violent symptoms, where especially essential tremor (shaking) was very violent. I came to the psychiatric emergency room where they will not admit me because I refused to take the medicine Lyrica. Bite function specialist, Morten Worsøe gave me three diagnoses (Anterior disc displacement with influence on the retrodiscal tissue, Cehpalgia arthrohenica and Dolores facialis myogenica.), And I am currently underway with various bite splint treatment that so far has not made the pain less.

I desperately created LivetTilbage.dk and wrote several Facebook posts. One person mentioned that she had read my website and asked if anyone had thought of borrelia. I was tested and was admitted to Odense where I have received two diagnoses. Borrelia and Borrelia arthritis (Borrelia arthritis). I was told that my numbers are towering and that they have found Lyme disease in the brain and synovial fluid.

Chronic Lyme disease is difficult to treat and I am now trying to get as much help as I can in Denmark, while I plan to have to go abroad for experimental treatment because the antibiotic treatment I have received in Denmark has not made the pain less. Every day is a struggle to increase the chance that I can have a good life again.


1. Because of it, I found out I have Lyme disease. Something none of the over 40 specialists found out.
Easy overview for myself, current and future therapists.
Increase the chance of getting the best possible help to have the greatest possible chance of having a good life again.
4. Create more awareness around Lyme disease. The more the better. Less risk for others goes to over 40 specialists without anyone mentioning Lyme disease as a possible cause.
5. Share information for potential benefit to the chronically ill. Eg. good advice and things I have learned over time.
6. Help others.


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Or MobilePay 93941988. I have large debt after visiting over 40 specialists and there are many expenses with this disease. Every contribution, even a penny, can help.

Treatment or test
In Denmark, symptoms after the antibiotic regimen are perceived as late effects among doctors. If you are a therapist and think you can help I would like to hear from you.

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Quiet place to stay
A quiet place to live will be optimal when I am in treatment in Denmark and in general to try to better cope with my life at the moment. Can you help? More info here.


Links to more information about lyme disease.

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