Over 40 Specialists Overlooked Lyme

Borrelia disease, also known as borreliosis, is caused by an infection with the bacterium borrelia. The bacterium is transmitted from animals to humans via tick bites. Whether it can be transmitted in other ways is unknown. I, Henrik Jeppesen was in 2019 hit by severe daily headaches and jaw pain. I visited over 40 specialists over the next 3 years and spent approx. 200,000 kroner, but nothing helped. I gradually got worse and new terrible symptoms. I desperately created LivetTilbage.dk and wrote several Facebook posts. One person mentioned that she had read my website and asked if anyone had thought of borrelia.

None of the over 40 specialists I had visited mentioned borrelia when I came in with severe headaches and jaw pain. Of the more than 40 specialists, there were e.g. doctors, dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and alternative practitioners. The more I have researched around borrelia, the more clear it becomes to me why over 40 specialists could overlook it. Lack of knowledge about borrelia among doctors seems to be a global problem, with many going several years before getting a correct diagnosis. Many also experience not getting a diagnosis at all because they cannot rely on tests.

One of the most frustrating things about going to so many specialists and spending so much money is the false hopes. That the therapist is so optimistic about being able to help, as I often experienced, only to find that it has made no difference and that a lot of money has been wasted. I was naive as a young person and thought you could just go to the doctor if you were ill in Denmark, but have had to realize that this is not the case for many people and many themselves have to struggle to find out what is wrong.

Not only that, many also have to try expensive treatments because there is a lot the public does not cover. Eg. if a form of treatment has not been properly investigated through studies for whether it actually works. There are many alternative treatments for borrelia that are not and therefore are not offered through the public.

Many with borrelia have been misdiagnosed. A doctor judged that I had generalized anxiety due to the symptoms I had. Each test costs money, but if a person has severe pain in the head and jaws, and in addition a number of other symptoms, I think it should be obvious to have the person examined until the cause is found, instead of quickly prescribing anxiety medication at high risk. for severe side effects and dependence.

Maxillofacial departments in both Aalborg and Aarhus have not been able to find anything wrong. The latter thought I should come to a center for functional disorders, so they helped, but I feel it is a kind of abandonment from the public sector to find out what is really wrong.

I can only recommend anyone who is chronically ill and who does not know why, to go on the internet and describe their symptoms to others. And keep going until you, if possible, have something useful to go on with, as well as accept the tips you find sensible. It may cause you to find diseases that you might never otherwise have found.

In any case, one cannot expect doctors to find out all the diseases. That said, many doctors are doing an absolutely fantastic job, and deserve great praise. We can not expect them to have a good knowledge of all diseases, but a disease like borrelia I had expected there was more knowledge about. Sorry if anyone finds any of what I write offensive. That’s not my intention. I just write what I feel after my own experiences with over 40 specialists.