My Plan

Here’s a little about how my plan looks at the article’s publication.

1. Help in Denmark
Get as much help as I can in Denmark in the form of tests, tests, pain clinic (including LDN), and other help. Work is based on evidence-based treatment and when there is nothing that will certainly work against borrelia, if the infection is beaten down according to them, I can not get more treatment than the month with antibiotics they gave me, but which has not improved my life. It is a global problem with a lack of treatment for chronically ill people with Lyme disease, and I would say that infection medicine in Odense has treated me with respect and I understand that they just follow guidelines. I wish I could receive experimental treatment that has helped many, but at the moment. it is not an option through the public sector in Denmark, unfortunately. They will follow me for at least a year in Odense.

2. Self-help
A healthy diet (Paleo diet), good sleep, exercise, exercises, sauna, meditation, supplements, herbs, CBD oil, LDN medication, and try to avoid overload and stress. Can be hard with so much pain and discomfort, but I try.

3. Experiment with experimental treatment abroad
There are some that can be tried, but the prices are high and I have limited funds. Self-help may reduce symptoms over time, but the plan is additional treatments in addition to self-help.