Danish Elisa Test is Unreliable. What To Do?

Lyme disease is a very complex disease. We can start by looking at the tests. The Elisa test used in Denmark is unreliable in detecting chronic Lyme disease. I tested negative in Denmark but positive abroad. The more one researches Lyme disease, the scarier it becomes. Many people suffer from Lyme disease without knowing it, and many only find out that their symptoms are due to Lyme disease several years after the symptoms started. I’m one of them.

Many also do not realize they have ever been stung. There are many disagreements about the disease, and I think the best I can do now is to ‘stand in the middle’ and listen and make my own conclusions on various topics along the way. I can at least state that there is a problem with the Elisa test used in Denmark. During my research, it became clear that it is a highly unreliable test to detect chronic Lyme disease, with a reliability rate apparently only around 30%. I have been a victim of the unreliable Elisa test myself. I have tested positive for co-infections at a laboratory in Germany and one in Poland, but negative in Denmark.

ArminLabs, German lab: Positive on Borrelia, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Yersinia.
Gabinet analityki Medycznej, polish lab: Tested for Babesia and Bartonella, both positive but negative in Denmark – English translation.
Various Danish tests: Positive on Borrelia and Borrelia arthritis, negative on Babesia and Bartonella.

Recommendation: ArminLabs
After discovering that I have Lyme disease, I went online, where ArminLabs was highly recommended on a Danish Borrelia Facebook group. If you have just been bitten by a tick, the Elisa test can be a good choice, but for long-term infection, ArminLabs is, after hours of research, a much better option. One of the big issues with Lyme disease is that many mainstream doctors know very little about the disease and don’t take patients seriously. They might test negative on the Elisa test and be left with no choice but to be their own doctor in search of help.

Suffers of Lyme disease can have many different kinds of symptoms, often resulting in misdiagnosis for patients. It can be extremely hard. A test by ArminLabs will be the recommended first step to determine if there are any active infections which might explain the symptoms. After that, there are a number of treatment options, but if there are chronic infections, there are no quick fixes, and it often involves long-term treatment and dedication in an attempt to recover or at least improve as much as possible.