Treatment Options For Chronic Lyme

Chronic Lyme disease is difficult to treat and the longer one has had it, the less likely it is to recover. I try to be positive and stick to the fact that some get well and many get improvement. I feel it is important to focus on, especially when the pain is worst and where the motivation may be at the bottom. In this article, I will describe treatment options and some of my thoughts on the future. As I write this article it is still quite new to me with borrelia and of course, there is a lot I do not know. I am not a doctor and I would recommend anyone reading to do their own research.

As far as I can understand it is the only treatment that is recognized among doctors. I can also understand that a month of antibiotics is rarely enough if you have had the infection for a long time. Many therefore choose foreign antibiotic treatment over a long period of time as treatment. However, it is far from certain that it can make a chronically ill borrelia patient healthy, or provide significant quality of life. However, many people choose it as the best attempt at treatment for chronic borrelia.

Disulfiram is known by the brand name antabus. Disulfiram has shown promising results in a study, but more research is needed. Many people are against Disulfiram due to the risk of serious side effects such as psychosis. Borrelia doctor Marty Ross’ explanation helped to convince me that Disulfiram is not a good idea at the moment.

Herbal protocol
One can combine antibiotics with herbs, but many choose to focus solely on the natural path to a better life through herbs. This is mainly due to Stephen Harrod Buhner and the success of the book Healing Lyme. Buhner has his own protocol and according to him the success rate is as high as 75%. MyLymeData also shows great success rate with the use of herbs. It is as far as I can understand though something that requires patience, discipline, and maybe is something one has to take the rest of life to keep symptoms down. Lymeherbs can be recommended for the purchase of herbs.

Additional options
There are other success stories around the treatment of borrelia, but there is a lack of research to that extent. LDN drugs and cannabis oil appear to be able to improve quality of life, while experimental treatments such as S.O.T. and ozone treatment lacks more research to be able to document the effect. However, there are success stories and when you feel terrible you can be willing to try anything. I am very impressed with the medicine LDN after researching it thoroughly and it is rare that I have read about medicines that do not scare me, and well the first time I have taken any medicine that I am completely convinced is a good idea. It was one in a comment on Facebook I was convinced:

“Before I started at LDN, I had thoughts that match yours. I have other diseases that are not easy to diagnose either. I have learned:
1) It can take a long time and it is not certain that the doctors will find out what is wrong.
2) If they find out, it is not certain they can / will help you.
3) LDN is safe to test.
4) You have a chance to get better
I pay for a prescription at Arresødal, no nonsense with unwilling doctors.
Good recovery and I hope they find out what you are doing wrong. For me, it took half a lifetime. ”

Symptom treatments
Symptom treatments can provide temporary relief from pain and make life more affordable. It is good to have an SOS plan when life is toughest. When I feel the worst, I usually lie down with a Beurer HK 48 heating pad in addition to any. to put on guided meditation and breathe deeply. I have experienced further winding via sauna (especially infrared sauna is recommended against borrelia), hot water swimming, bath / foot bath with epsom salt, exercises and walks.

Acupuncture may be considered as symptom treatment for temporary relief for some, but may be seen as an element in an attempt to become symptom-free for others. As part of symptom treatment, I can also mention the art of trying to distract oneself from pain whenever possible. When the pain is not the worst, try to live in a TV series, football match or take an active part in a sport that gets the mind away from pain. These are all examples of things that can feel soothing.

My plan
Take one thing at a time. I have received two borrelia diagnoses in Denmark and focus in the first instance on the help I can get in Denmark. Next, the most likely is probably longer antibiotic treatment abroad or following an exact protocol from a recognized borrelia doctor abroad. I immediately think the latter is more likely based on the research I have done so far. Since I have tested negative for coin infections in Denmark, but positive for a German and a Polish laboratory, it is also important to have this in mind in relation to the choice of future treatment.