Two Lyme Disease Diagnoses in Denmark

Borrelia and Borrelia arthritis (Borrelia arthritis) have now been confirmed as diagnoses by Odense University Hospital and chief physician Sigurdur Skarphedinsson, who said my numbers were towering. However, I have tested negative for coin infections in Denmark but tested positive in a laboratory in Germany and one in Poland for coin infections. Many people are not diagnosed with Lyme disease in Denmark due to inaccurate tests, so it is positive that I do not have that problem.

Sigurdur Skarphedinsson treated me with great respect and arranged for a lot of research in Odense. I’m grateful to him. Also thanks to everyone at Odense University Hospital who has helped me so far. They will follow me for at least a year and I will be going there again soon. The plan is antibiotics for a month, after which I have to stop and a new spinal cord test (lumbar puncture) has to be done to see if the infection is still active.

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“We have detected chronic borrelia infection with a symptom duration of almost 3 years. Signs of clear borrelia arthritis have been found in the right knee joint, which is currently both positive in the intrasynovialis test for borrelia, but also clearly positive in borrelia PCR from the synovial fluid. Subsequently, he has had a lumbar puncture, which shows a slight pleocytosis of 9 cells and at the same time a CXCL13 of over 500, which indicates that the infection has also affected the central nervous system. and borrelia PCR from the spinal fluid.

Investigations will be made regarding. genotyping from the already positive findings. Currently, the plan is thus to treat his borrelia arthritis in depth and that is, he should have 28 days of antibiotic treatment. Explains the rationale for switching to Doxycycline beh. currently. I agree with this. “Sigurdur Skarphedinsson, Chief Physician, OUH Infektionsmedicinsk Amb. (Odense).