How I Found Out I Have Lyme Disease

In desperation, I set up at the beginning of 2022 and wrote several Facebook posts. Anette Møberg, founder of the LDN foreningen, mentioned that she had read my website and asked if anyone had thought of Lyme disease.

I was tested and was admitted to Odense where I have received two diagnoses. Borrelia and Borrelia arthritis (Borrelia arthritis). Many thanks to Anette for reading and to mention what none of the 40+ doctors / specialists / therapists had thought of. A true hero!

Like borrelia, unfortunately, there is also a lack of knowledge about LDN. LDN is given at several pain clinics in Denmark and has helped many chronically ill people to a much better life. Unlike many medicines, the risk of side effects is low and not something that seems scary. In addition, there is no risk of addiction. It’s cheap medicine and that’s probably part of the reason why it’s not so common. Far more money to make on drugs that are expensive and at high risk for addiction.

LDN is also recommended for borrelia in several places, and due to the low risk associated with the medicine, and the potentially great benefits, I myself have chosen to take LDN as part of the treatment for borrelia.