Thanks to Odense University Hospital

After a positive borrelia test via my own doctor’s house, I was referred by my own doctor to the Department of Infectious Diseases in Aalborg to have a spinal cord test done, but I could read on the internet that if you have had borrelia for a long time, the spinal cord test is often negative. After a lot of research, I also got the impression that Odense University Hospital would be the best place to go if you have Lyme disease. I called my own doctor who stated that I could call Aalborg and try to get them to send the referral to Odense instead. After several attempts it succeeds and I even came to the week after when they had received a cancellation. I came to Odense with my legs raised. I had synovial fluid extracted and had various blood samples taken.

A few days later I received a call from the chief physician, Sigurdur Skarphedinsson, who informed me of the preliminary results with high numbers and when I had to have a spinal cord test a few days later, I would also be admitted for start-up with antibiotic treatment. I started out with ceftriaxone intravenously for three days while I was hospitalized and subsequently received doxycycline for 28 days. I am very grateful for Sigurdur and Odense University Hospital’s help. Thanks! I felt that I was finally taken seriously after approx. 3 years of excruciating daily pain and I am excited about whether they can help me to a better life. I have been diagnosed with borrelia in Odense: Borrelia and Borrelia arthritis (Borrelia arthritis) and I have been told that I have borrelia in the brain. However, there are still many unanswered questions.

“We have detected chronic borrelia infection with a symptom duration of almost 3 years. Signs of clear borrelia arthritis have been found in the right knee joint, which is currently both positive in the intrasynovialis test for borrelia, but also clearly positive in borrelia PCR from the synovial fluid. Subsequently, he has had a lumbar puncture, which shows a slight pleocytosis of 9 cells and at the same time a CXCL13 of over 500, which indicates that the infection has also affected the central nervous system. and borrelia PCR from the spinal fluid.

Investigations will be made regarding. genotyping from the already positive findings. Currently, the plan is thus to treat his borrelia arthritis in depth and that is, he should have 28 days of antibiotic treatment. Explains the rationale for switching to Doxycycline beh. currently. Agree with this. ” Sigurdur Skarphedinsson, Chief Physician, OUH Infectious Diseases Amb. (Odense). ”

Update: Antibiotic treatment has not helped. A new spinal cord test must be performed and then it must be decided whether I can get further help in Denmark, or I must throw myself into alternative treatment. For the time being, Odense University Hospital will follow me for at least a year.